How Indie Are You ?

Are You An Indie Know it All ? Did you think NME standed for Not My Egg ? DO you claim to be indie just to fit in ? Do you even know who The subways are ?

enjoy the quiz. its not that hard ! here is a paragraph of randomness to entertain you. Thirty years after the height of punk there are a whole load of new bands making wild and passionate noise. But it takes more than just great music to make it to the top of the Cool List - these people effortlessly set trends with every breath they take - and it's great to see that people like Keith Richards prove that you donât have to be young to do this

Created by: J
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  1. Your in your local newsagents, what magazine do you decide to pick up ?
  2. You walk down the street. Who would you preferably like to walk into ?
  3. Who did Nme Brand Godlike geninuses ?
  4. You need shoes. Where do u go
  5. Spot The Odd One Out
  6. Who is lead singer of Glasvegas ?
  7. Where is Elvis
  8. Which is odd one out
  9. Who has been top of cool list ?
  10. name the odd song out

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Quiz topic: How Indie am I ?