Indie Music Quiz

With Eleen Page ruining the folk-punk scene (not me), it has come to the time where you should prove if you are really into the scene or are just into the surface.

Take the quiz, and the result could give you some tips on how to further enhance your indie/diy/punk/folk experience. There are a few websites listed, and also some band reccomendations.

Created by: Tanner

  1. Who plays the song "Throw a Brother some Gigawatts?"
  2. What band was featured deeply in the movie "Juno"?
  3. Is Kylewilliam Campol the only member of imadethismistake?
  4. What local Navarre/Pensacola show house recently stopped allowing shows to be played there
  5. How many CDs has Defiance, Ohio put out that weren't splits?
  6. Super Bobby has a gimmick on stage. What is it?
  7. Which of these bands has been together the longest?
  8. The lead singer for Ghost Mice also runs which indie record company?
  9. Which video game is one of Jonathan Coulton's songs in?
  10. What is the name of Kimya Dawson's child?

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