which naruto character are you?

There are similar personalities, few match completely. A perfect match is amazing. Whats a perfect personality match? A perfect personality match is when you've got 100% with someone else's personality.

How is your personality is similar to characters in the naruto series have you ever wondered what genin you are like, in a few clicks find out what naruto character you are!!

Created by: samantha
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. your taking a walk throught town and your friend who is always troublesome bashes into you and sends you flying you say:
  2. you wake up and you find that your teacher is standing by your window you:
  3. you and a friend both want the same thing but there is only on left you:
  4. whats your favourite colour
  5. you see someone who is about to attack you:
  6. you know someone fancies you do you:
  7. do you prefer
  8. are you a
  9. what do you want to do when your older
  10. would you rather:
  11. whos your favourite character

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Quiz topic: Which naruto character am I?