What naruto character are you?

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Well let's see how would i explain my quiz.... Hmm OH ITS ALL ABOUT NARUTO SHIPPUDEN... Here is my email if u want to know anything about naruto seasons 1-3 and naruto shippuden 1 and 2 well 2 isnnt over yet lol

Dont you hate doing this paragraph stuff but anyway i am a fan of pairings il narusaku and narusasu. AND KIBAHINA ;D these are my abosolute FAVORITES i have a story on [no urls]

Created by: Bridgette Elin
  1. What is your personality
  2. What do you do for fun?
  3. What do u like in a girl/guy?
  4. What is would be your justu type
  5. what is ur fav food? yes im getting lazy
  6. What would be your weapon
  7. Which justu would you wanna use?
  8. Your hair type? lol weird right :3
  9. :D I Ran out of qu's so im just rite a bunch of crap :D
  10. Here is the qu u tht piss everbody off HAVE U EVER TAKEN AND IQ QUIZ. If u havent ur stupid rofl

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Quiz topic: What naruto character am I?