Which HO guy is your perfect match?

We've watched them fall in and out of love, make the wrong choices and finally get things right. Will your perfect match give you the Sunset Ending you've always dreamed of or will it all end in tears?

Now it's your chance to find out who your perfect match is! Will your perfect match be cool DJ John Paul, clever Craig, tormented Niall, confident Spike or doomed Kieron? Remember this is just for fun!

Created by: MDF
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. What kind of clothes would your perfect match wear?
  2. What's your perfect guy's favourite type of music?
  3. What's your perfect guy's dream job?
  4. Your perfect match's family, what are they like?
  5. What's your perfect guy's flaw?
  6. What's his best friend like?
  7. How clever should your perfect match be?
  8. How romantic is your perfect match?
  9. How far would he go for love?
  10. If your perfect guy was a chocolate, what would he be?
  11. How often does he think about you?
  12. Does your perfect match get jealous?
  13. Finally, why is he perfect for you?

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Quiz topic: Which HO guy is my perfect match?