Are You Tired Yet?

Hey, why not take our quiz and see if you can find those all important love related questions! Are you a perfect match or are you going to relationship hell?

Remember that relationships and love are the most precious thing someone can have and it's important to know what you want so just think carefully and answer honestly.

Created by: Heather

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Are you in love
  2. Have you ever cheated?
  3. Would you or have you thought about leaving your partner for some else?
  4. Are you in love with an ex partner?
  5. If you had to choose your partner over your ex, who would you choose?
  6. Is your partner your ideal partner?
  7. Dose your partner treat you well?
  8. Do you think your partner loves you?
  9. Do you think your partner would cheat on you?
  10. Are you embarrassed of your partner?
  11. When it's time to get intimate, do you ever think of anyone else you have or have had in your?

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