How Are You In Relationships?

Many people around may not realize what kind of relationship partner they are. It's important to know these things so you can improve yourself to be a better you and a better partner

Give it up and stop trying to guess. Take my quiz to figure what kind of relationship person you are. My tips will help you to have a happier , longer lasting sucessful relationship :)

Created by: Daisha

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  1. Your bf/gf wants to go to an amusement park. You don't like them too much. what do you do?
  2. Let's say a guy/girl tries to approach your significant other. You introduce yourself. Why would you?
  3. You and your bf/gf are in an argument. How might you react?
  4. Let's say your significant other cheats on you. How might you react?
  5. What kind of date might you take your partner on?
  6. If your partner was on a social networking site. What would you prefer?
  7. Someone's beating up your bf/gf? what do you do?
  8. You and your partner are having complications on figuring out where you guys want to go for fun. What happens?
  9. Which is more important?
  10. What your favorite kind of food?

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Quiz topic: How am I In Relationships?