Are you Jealous or Controlling? (or neither)

Jealousy is a serious thing that a lot of people look past when thinking about relationships. Well you shouldny. Jealousy is a serious thing that you need to try not to control

No controlling your partner it is bad and you should not do it beacase i will hurt you if you do omg just dont do it holy s--- i cant believe this i am so mad

Created by: PsychologyTurtle

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  1. Your partner starts hanging around another person (of the gender of which they are attracted to). You didn't know they were hanging out until after. How do you feel?
  2. Your partner is being tagged in a lot of funny jokes online on facebook. How do you feel?
  3. Your partner also tags that person in a lot of funny jokes on facebook, but they don't tag you in quite as much.
  4. Your partner isn't sure how to comfort you when you're sad, but they stay there to listen.
  5. Your partner messes up your order for food but not their friend's order.
  6. Your partner wants to go to a party. What are the rules?
  7. Would you consider yourself jealous?
  8. Is your partner equally as jealous?
  9. Is jealousy the base for most of your fights?
  10. aRE YOU willing to change if you are controlling or jealous

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Quiz topic: Am I Jealous or Controlling? (or neither)