Is Your Boyfriend a Sociopath?

I have a friend who was sucked in by the manipulative nature of a sociopath, and hurt really badly. I wish that I had informed her of the character traits of a sociopath a long time ago. This quiz is one way to help people to look at their own relationships and be aware of the warning signs.

I don't want anyone to think that I am only searching for the bad in others. There are plenty of relationships out there that are healthy, and many fabulous guys out there too. :)

Created by: Belle
  1. Would you say that your boyfriend is manipulative?
  2. Would you say that your boyfriend tends to surround himself with people who "worship" him?
  3. How reliable is your boyfriend?
  4. How truthful is your boyfriend?
  5. How is your boyfriend's motivation related to work?
  6. Everyone messes up sometimes. Can your boyfriend learn from his mistakes?
  7. What was your boyfriend's longest relationship?
  8. How confident is your boyfriend in himself.
  9. Does your boyfriend get bored easily.
  10. When my boyfriend does something that hurts me, he...
  11. When my boyfriend gets angry he...

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Quiz topic: Is my Boyfriend a Sociopath?