Do You Have A Good Boyfriend?

There are some good guys out there, but some just don't deserve women! What is a good boyfriend? A good boyfriend is someone you can't describe so hopefully this quiz can help you decide if he is worthy of your presence.

Is YOUR boyfriend a keeper? Are you too good for him? Should you dump that loser and find somebody that would ace this quiz in a second? And there are some bad quizzes out there, so this one is pretty good coming from me and friends. Find out what you should do!

Created by: gabi
  1. Do you have a boyfriend?
  2. Has he ever bought you anything?
  3. If you were sick at home, you would think he'd
  4. Whats your situation on calling/texting?
  5. If you heard a rumor he liked another girl and confronted him about it[it is true], he would:
  6. You're on vacation when he says he has to see you, he begs you to come home early, you do. then he:
  7. You and him started talking less, its because..
  8. He leaves w/ his family out of the country for a couple weeks, he:
  9. Are you happy with your boyfriend?
  10. AH! you suddenly have to go to the emergency room, your boyfriend..

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Quiz topic: Do I Have A Good Boyfriend?