Is he worth it?

People get stuck with boyfriends that just bring her down...I have myself..and hopefully this quiz with help realize how bad of a boyfriend you have or how good of a boyfriend you have.

Do you have a good boyfriend? Is he worth it at all? Does he act like a "good" boyfrind should? Or does he just bring you down?.......The only quiz that is really accurate.

Created by: chassidy

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. How does he act around his friends?
  2. How does he act to your friends, or when other girls are around?
  3. Whats the nicest compliment hes ever given you?
  4. What do you guys end up doing when you hang out?
  5. What sounds like him the most?
  6. Whats the worst thing he does or says?
  7. Does your family like him?
  8. Whats his personality like?
  9. Does he want to try and change you?
  10. Is he cute? (not important)

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