How well do you see reality?

We all are born into different backgrounds and everything. We see the world differently due to the way we grow up. Ever wondered how people judged you? Like, how would people talk about you when your not around, or like, how they truthfuly see you?

Well, this quiz gives an overview of how people may see you. It's worth the try. You'll find out what type of person you are, and how colourfuly are you flawed. Isn't wonderful somone "breaks" the news to you, but in the end only you know it? Its worth it. Seriously.

Created by: chris

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  1. How would Cinderala die in your own opinion?
  2. What could have been Snow white's last words before she "died" from that poison apple.
  3. How possible is it that Prince charming is blind.
  4. Define the word, "art"
  5. Where would all bad boys or girls so to?
  6. Half empty or half full. The glass with water question.
  7. A stranger falls down. You...
  8. Someone you like embraces you for a while. You..
  9. Footbal. Sport? Or what is it?
  10. Love.

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Quiz topic: How well do I see reality?