Are you spacey or grounded?

Grounding means taking reality checks. If you're metaphysically minded, you might want to put "reality" in quotation marks. Okay, by "reality," I mean the shared reality that equates with being "sane" here at Earth School. Grounding requires that each of us must be aware of it: My body, my environment, plus any people who are near me.

Being grounded has practical advantages for everything from relationships to career success, as discussed in, "Let Today Be a Holiday" by Rose Rosetree. (Okay, I wrote it. I'm that observant!) Spaciness comes more naturally to many of us; anyone can choose to become grounded, however. To evaluate your own need for extra grounding, answer the following questions?

Created by: Rose Rosetree
  1. You know you have a body because:
  2. What you tend to notice when you go into a room full of people is:
  3. Looking at yourself in a full-length mirror, you admire:
  4. What does it mean to describe your kitchen as "so clean I could eat off the floor"?
  5. My usual way of getting places on time is to:
  6. Swimming is:
  7. Riding a bicycle is:
  8. Driving my car, I notice:
  9. As a passenger in a car, I notice:
  10. The first thing I notice each morning is:

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Quiz topic: Am I spacey or grounded?