I was inspired to make this quiz on the soul fact of boredom a i just aced a 42 question quiz on famlyguy some questions are hard some are easy. just have fun and do not take anything I said to heart. Please I do not want a law suit because I will get grounded.

Do you know a lot about fAMLYGUY. if so take my quiz and the read my comments after your results It took like 20 minutes to write them. So if you do not read them I will cry because that would be like slapping me in my face and that would really really hurt badly.

Created by: Kevin

  1. how many hairs does stewie have on his head
  2. is stewie bi-sexual
  3. Is brian racist
  4. who guest stars in the Y2K special
  5. what is the name of peter and loises band
  6. You have a tank want to
  7. chris is afraid of what evil creature
  8. megs geeky crush is named what
  9. what is peters dads name
  10. what is joes kids name

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