How well do you know the Black Veil Brides?

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I don't got time for a fancy paragraph so let's get to it: a test for old and new BVB fans, some really easy questions, some hard ones, depends on what kind of fan you are

So don't start complaining if they're too easy, it's 10:38PM and I've got nothing else to do so this is what comes out of boredom tbh don't complain it's annoying

Created by: Snoopy176
  1. Who is Jeremy Furguson?
  2. What year was the Knives and Pens music video released?
  3. Who plays the drums?
  4. Who plays the bass?
  5. Who plays rhythm guitar?
  6. Who plays lead guitar?
  7. Who is the vocalist?
  8. Back-up singer(s)?
  9. Stage name Andy ___?
  10. What is Jinxx's middle name?
  11. What is CC's real name?
  12. When did Andy stop going by Andy Six?
  13. Who is the song Carolyn about?
  14. True or false: In The End is written for Andy's grandfather
  15. What is the BVB army anthem? (Most well known)
  16. Song lyrics: "Who we are isn't how we live we are more than our bodies If I fall I will rise back up and relive my glory"
  17. "Leave us alone! You're on your own!"
  18. "take your hand in mine It's ours tonight"
  19. "Kneel and pray for closure, baby This is the ride that we're on"
  20. "I see this I know pain Let's see you try, punk"
  21. "Quiet as I watch you falling You become the prey again"
  22. "I'm not alone in forgiving The faithful and the blind"
  23. "Faith incarnate Through the darkness Save the carnage we become I will walk through hell"
  24. What producer did BVB work with on their last album? (IV)
  25. Black Veil Brides have two EPs: Rebels and ?
  26. How many CDs do BVB have recorded? (Albums) (Including movies, extras, EPs, live DVDs, singles, etc.)

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the Black Veil Brides?