So you think you're a Black Veil Brides fan?

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There are many fools in the world who call themselves a Black Veil Brides fan, a real member of the Black Veil Brides Army. This quiz is to filter out the fakes from the fans.

Are you a true member of the Black Veil Brides Army? Or are you one of the people who only own three songs and listen to them because Andy is hot? Time to find out.

Created by: Kristin
  1. What is Andy Sixx's real name?
  2. When is Andy's birthday?
  3. What are the members of Black Veil Brides' names?
  4. What was Black Veil Brides' first album?
  5. What was the band name inspired from?
  6. What instrument does Ashley Purdy play in Black Veil Brides?
  7. Finish the lyrics. "With knives and pens, we made our _____."
  8. What color are Andy's eyes?
  9. What high school did Andy graduate from?
  10. What is Andy's favorite Motley Crue album?
  11. What song is this? "These times in life we learn to try, with one intention Of learning how and when we'll die, but we cant listen I wish to god I'd known that I, I didn't stand a chance Of looking back and knowing why, or pain of circumstance."

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