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  • It's funny how in the description you talk about how people just listen to them for Andy (which is true in some cases) but then you turn around and make nearly ALL the questions about Andy... Hmmm seems some one is a little hypocritical. Like What's Andy's favorite Moltey Cruely Album? and his eye color and his high school? All those things sound like questions coming from someone who pays way to much attention to Andy. I bet you couldn't name all those questions for Ashely, Jinxx, Jake, and CC with out looking it up.. Like seriously not trying to start anything but that seems a little hypocritical to me...

  • It's that simple. If you listen to BvB, you're a fan. If you don't, you're not. There's no "posers" or "true fans", really. But this quiz is just stupid. Most of the questions are about Andy e.e Do I have to stalk the guy and read all about his childhood to be a fan of the band..? And TBH, it looks like you don't have a clue about Ashley, CC, Jinx or Jake. Just my opinion.

  • 91%! I hate it when people are just like, "You only listen to them bc they're hot!" I'm just like... yeah because I buy their albums to listen to their faces

  • 100%! BVB Army forever!!

  • wow, this quiz changed half of my answers because i know Andy's full name and eye colour thank you very much... ugh!!!

  • i got every question right... i know i did! and im only 64 percent? doenst matter if u listen to the band then ur a fan!

  • i don't listen to it for andy i love jinxx he's my idol


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