How well do you know black veil bride lyrics

Black veil brides have many many fans across the world but the question is are you one of them? Do you know all of there songs? There is only one way to find out

Take the quiz to find out how much you listen to bvb or at least how much you remember of it. These are really standard songs so you should get them right.

Created by: Arielle
  1. What song are these lyrics from? Cut the rope! And fall into the sky the devil filled our minds with sadness...
  2. Fill in the blanks. I ruled the world with ____ hands I shook the ____ to the ground I laid the gods to rest
  3. What song is this? We are the unholy, we are the b------ sons of your media culture our minds eyes and bodies were born of your exclusion and illusion you hide behind...
  4. What song title belongs in the blank? We are we are the ________ so scream it out loud
  5. Full in the blank I never meant to be the one _______ the dark.
  6. What song Is this? FEAR will round up these rebels these devious these so called wild ones...
  7. What album is the song with these lyrics in? Here I go another prison fight another perfect sky I've damaged know I know just who created life and why I've set my sights to save it
  8. What FEAR transmission is this? WE'RE not interested in the possibility of defeat not within the silence of a deserted ally nor the clamor of a crowded street
  9. What song is this about Jake's mom: those times in life we learn to try with one intention of learning how and when we'll die but we can't listen I wish to god I'd of known that I...
  10. This is a bonus question but you should know it if you are a fan... WHO IS BRYAN STARS

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Quiz topic: How well do I know black veil bride lyrics