kisses part one

Hey it's mb123 here! I'm making this quiz to try to catch Firey Soul's eye. Please tell me any details to make my story better.Oh,and the quiz makers xxubit,wolfy girl ,and Firey Soul are the ones that inspired me.

And Firey Soul please oh please make part 44 of Paranormal Love!I really really love it! Xxubit great work on Don't Leave Me Hanging but the passages are really really really long.

Created by: mb123

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  1. your going to high school meet your bff Dania. The bell for class rings. You meet your class math teacher Ms.Tyson. you take a seat and sit behind a boy named look pretty.He Says.
  2. Class is already go to the cafeteria with Dania. Come on Mirina! Said Dania. talk to those guys. Dania,I already met them. You say. Mind if we sit here? Jason asks. Sure. you say
  3. Before you leave to walk home,Christian comes and asks to go on a date . Okay! You blurt out nervously.
  4. You text Dania on cell and tell her about the date. Dania:OMG! He asked you out! Miriam:it is not a big deal. I didn't want to break his heart.
  5. You sit at the restaurant you were going with Christian order Chinese noodles and Christian orders sushi chicken.after that you take a walk and Jason spots u with Christian.He turns the other way pretending not to notice.
  6. Mind if I go talk it out with Jason ? You ask Christian. Sure. He run to Jason and tell him that you are very very very sorry.REALLY Mirina ! Go off with that @!&$# ! Jason,please forgive me! Forget it. He says. You walk back to Christian and tell him what Jason had done and how cussed at you.I would never ever do that to you. Christian says.
  7. The next day you lie on the couch thinking about Jason crushing you in hear a knock on the door.You open the door and find out That it's Jason. Oh,it's u again you say in a harsh tone. Jason,what the #?$@ do you want?
  8. He sighs.I just want to say I'm sorry for hurting your yeah right! You shout out. Please,Mirina please forgive me. Fine:) you say. Mirina,I only did that because I've never felt like this before. Well you could have told me say.I'm sorry I never told u.that's ok. You say.
  9. Soon you get to the point where your hugging him . Thanks. Jason says. Then he kisses you and walks out the go on your cell texting Dania about all the drama. Dania:hard day isn't it? Mirina :you bet!
  10. Dania and u go to the mall and you buy:

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