See If Your Bestie likes you

to see and help people gain confidence and an understanding of unhealthy relation ships and healthy relationships between also helps produce a healthier happier person

I would like to help people who need help with friendships and with making friends if someone is being untruthful help others figer out as well help someone like they helped you.

Created by: kelli

  1. Quizzesmusthavebetween10and60questions.Gotit!how many times a week do you see them
  2. how long have you known them
  3. how did you meet
  4. how much do you like them
  5. do you know there friends
  6. what is there fav colour
  7. do you have nicknames for each other
  8. do they make excuses on why not to hang out or answer the phone
  9. do you talk by phone or email
  10. are you there only bestie
  11. how big is there friend group
  12. was this quiz effective

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Quiz topic: See If my Bestie likes you