is a relationship with you worth it?

Have you given up on finding the one for you? have you ever thought about if you're part in a relationship was actually worth it to your girl/boyfriend? how much value do you place on relationships?

are you worth it? do you even care about having a relationship? we will see in a few minutes if you have what it takes to make a relationship work! are you ready to get started?

Created by: lexy of lexy's myspace
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  1. have you ever cheated or lied to your girl/boyfriend?
  2. can you speak openly?
  3. do you believe that you can have friends of the opposite sex?
  4. are you honest?
  5. do you have a job?
  6. do you want a family?
  7. do you wanna be friends with your girl/boyfriend's friends?
  8. love or money
  9. do you wanna get married someday?
  10. priorities....put em in order greatest to least. sex,love,friends & family,money
  11. would you die to save the one you love?
  12. which word describes you best?
  13. have you been in love?
  14. why do you want to be in a relationship?
  15. personality or looks?
  16. are you understanding?
  17. do you think that you make a good girl/boyfriend?
  18. is a relationship with you worth it?

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