does he have a crush on you

Do you think a certain guy or girl has the hots for you? Or if your not so sure, find out! You can see if he/she has a "thing" for you. You can even see that the smallest thing he/she does means something!

Does he/she like YOU! You should totally find out! See if they like YOU too! Cause if they do, you might not be single any more. Or you might be single for life. This is the quiz for you!

Created by: Sydney

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Does he/she ever taunt or tease you?
  2. Does he/she try to make stupid exuses to talk to you?
  3. Do you ever "accidently" see him/her looking at you?
  4. When your talking to him/her does he/she ever turn red?
  5. Does he/she ever seem more excited when your nearby?
  6. If you end up sitting beside him/her what does he/she do?
  7. Does he/she know you like him/her, does he/she still talk to you?
  8. Has he/she ever talked about any kinda relationship with another boy/girl?
  9. Do you ever talk about common interests?
  10. Do you think he/she likes you too?

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