How strong is your grammar? (English)

Some people who call others "nerds" are only stung by the other person's ability to be intelligent. Maybe that person is you. What if someone from your school is jealous of your high knowledge? Don't believe me? Go on and find out!

Okay, so how DO you show yourself you're smarter than you may think and prove it to yourself and others? Well at the end of this test, you will receive a % and think of it was a % you would get on a test

Created by: Samantha Long

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  1. Fill in the blank: "Jake was proud of his perfect attendance award, it was a symbol of _____ going to school"
  2. Did you see anything wrong in that sentence? (Here it is again WITHOUT the correct answer) "Jake was proud of his perfect attendance award, it was a symbol of ____ going to school"
  3. How would you use the word "Arcane" in a sentence correctly?
  4. Which sentence below has no errors?
  5. What are the five demonstrative adjectives?
  6. Which is correct? A lot or alot?
  7. Loose and lose are two totally different words with two totally different pronunciations. Which of the following uses one of the words correctly?
  8. (Your POV) "You are not going nowhere tonight! You are still grounded"! "Mom, I'm not going to be a kid any longer, and your grammar was wrong!" "Don't you dare act like a smart mouth towards me young man/ lady!" How many errors are in that conversation
  9. When would you use a semicolon? ;
  10. There are two sentences below. Identify the grammar errors: "I've never met this guy who you say is so funny"! "Next time something comes up on a day we've made plans, and you're not home tell me well ahead of time, not when I'm at your front door waiting for you!"

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Quiz topic: How strong is my grammar? (English)