What Type Of English Do You Speak?

Speech is a diverse thing. The same language can have a number of different dialects and regional phases and expressions which may confuse speakers of the same language.

Do you speak American English, British English, or a different dialect of English? Lets see what this quiz reveals about the type of English you use...

Created by: Azif Ucan
  1. They are worn from your waist to your ankles... What do you call them?
  2. You refer to a man as a...
  3. You refer to a woman as a...
  4. What fuel does your car run on?
  5. What do you call this dwelling?
  6. What is a subway to you?
  7. What do you call it?
  8. What do you call them?
  9. You can go up or down in it, but what do you call it?
  10. To play a team sport what do you call what you wear?
  11. When you buy food from a fast-food outlet and leave the premises to eat it, you refer to it as...
  12. What do you call a large roadway with multiple lanes of fast moving traffic?
  13. What do you call the place where you watch the latest BIG screen feature?
  14. How do you pronounce pasta?
  15. How do you pronounce vitamins?
  16. Paper money, what do you call it?
  17. Calculating numbers, you call it...
  18. You go away for a break, you go on...

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Quiz topic: What Type Of English do I Speak?