What's your English language routine?

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If English is your second language take this fun short quiz! Find out if your English language practicing habits are moving you in the right direction.

Are you practicing English everyday? How well are you doing? This quiz can help you discover if your daily English language practicing habits are in the awesome category or need improvement. Find out in minutes and enjoy this fun short quiz!

Created by: Miss Miko of Get Miss Miko, English Coach
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  1. Do you watch TV shows or movies in English with subtitles?
  2. Do you watch TV shows or movies in English without subtitles?
  3. Do you read news articles or blog posts in English?
  4. When you read information in English how much do you understand?
  5. If I asked you to sing one song now, choose a song that you know.
  6. Do you speak English inside your home?
  7. Which accent can you understand easily?
  8. Do you listen to English songs online or on the radio?
  9. Have you taken a course to learn English?
  10. Do you write Facebook posts in English? or text messages in English?

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