What Assault Rifle Are You?

Guns are like people. They live, they cry, they jam and love what they do. Some have big bullets, some have small bullets. Of course you can't have a lot of big bullets but you can have a lot of little bullets... Its all preference. So basically, each gun has its own little style, so what gun are you like?

Are you a big bad AK47? Or are you a modern M16A4? Its all how you roll, or in this case shoot. So now, for the first time, be prepared, to know what caliber you really are. Intrigued? Well there is only one way to find out... And that's by taking this quiz :) Oh and PUT IT ON YOUR MYSPACE :)

Created by: Anton
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  1. You enter a party by.
  2. You're at a grocery store and an old lady drops a bag of sugar which bursts open, you.
  3. You're lost in a forest with friends and you don't have any food. You see a big, juicy bear run into a cave. You.
  4. Someone tells you they're going to beat you with a frying pan in school tomorrow. You.
  5. Your little sister wears your favorite shirt without permission. You.
  6. Your foot all of a sudden catches on fire. You.
  7. How do you like to do your work?
  8. A stranger offers you candy if you get in his car. You.
  9. You prefer
  10. If you were a soldier, what kind would you want to be.
  11. Your teacher tells you to draw a 2cm line. You.
  12. Your furniture is.
  13. You are given an assignment due next month. You.

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Quiz topic: What Assault Rifle am I?