Zombie survival test

Do you have the skills to survive an zombie apocalyps? Or will you just be one of those Rambos and run around with a gun and kill as manny as you can?

Are you a Rambo or survivour. Test your skills and prepare for the real deal. Take the quiz and use the results to improve and prepare yourself better for the zombie invasion

Created by: Alexander
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  1. Do you have a zombie survival kit?
  2. The living dead are coming and you had no survival kit, what item will you grab in hope to survive
  3. Do you know how to make a fire using fat snax?
  4. Do you know how to fire a gun and hit from 25 meters
  5. Where do you live
  6. How fast are zombies?
  7. How does a zombie track you
  8. How do you kill a zombie for sure
  9. Will you survive with a team or alone?
  10. Pick one of the following gun calibers that you will use or hope to find
  11. Where will you set up your main camp
  12. How long can you survive on the food in your house atm
  13. Do you know how to purefy wather?
  14. Can you walk for 2 hours and still be abel to run and fight
  15. Can you survive in the woods for more then a week
  16. You spot a small group of survivours thats been attackt bu zombies what do you do
  17. You must flee your safe location and can only bring 1 item, what will you bring
  18. Do you know how to farm crops
  19. Can you operate a vehicle
  20. Do you have the strength to kill an infected friend or family member
  21. Will you be abel to invent and craft new effective weapons
  22. Have you been readign any zombie survival guide

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