How much do you know about Zombie Cafe (the app)?

How much do you know about Zombie cafe? Figure that out by taking this test and not failing or FREAKING CHEATING at it. Good Luck on taking this test!

What?! Zombie Cafe?! Wait... you know all about it?! Well, I will seriously prove you wrong on this test! These questions are hard so good luck at this test!

Created by: Adam

  1. How much does the blue lamp cost?
  2. How much does the Foreman cost to infect?
  3. Which of these humans have an attack strength of 5?
  4. What human costs 20 toxin?
  5. Which of these humans have the best attack strength?
  6. How long does frozen finger sandwiches take to cook?
  7. How long does very quick Gello Mold take to cook?
  8. How much does it cost to cook fancy army rations?
  9. How much earnings do you get from Bulk Escargut?
  10. When raiding a cafe, where would you find mice pudding to steal?
  11. How much does the slot machine cost?
  12. What is the Werewolf's attack speed?
  13. What chef(other than Frankenstein) has the tip multiplier stat to x5?
  14. What is the mummy's attacking speed?
  15. Who has the best attack strength?
  16. Who is the cheapest to infect?
  17. Who has the least amount of energy?
  18. Who is the most expensive?
  19. 1 toxin equals...
  20. How long does very quick Misfortune Cookies take to cook

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Zombie Cafe (the app)?