Zombie survival quizz

Face it, we all think about how we would survive in a zombie attack, but we don't know how we would do, now you can find out! In this quiz you will see how good at surviving you are!

Are you a surviver? Yes? No? Maybe?... Well now you can find out! I am a crazy guy that plans how to survive in anything, from zombies to nukes:) and I think that I would make a quiz/ test so you can find out too:D

Created by: Robert Comyn
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  1. The zombie attack has started, you only have time to chose one weapon, what would it be (slow zombies, head shot required)
  2. You have time to prepare for the journey ahead, but you can only carry so much, what would you carry in your bag
  3. What type of clothes would you wear
  4. Who would you travel with
  5. Where would you hide
  6. You meet a little girl name "Clem" she is scared and doesn't know that to do, what would you do
  7. You meet a large group of people, they offer you a place to sleep but you think that something is wrong, what do you do
  8. You begin to run out of food, what do you do
  9. You learn that the good old army have made a super strong fort that is 10ks away, what do you do
  10. How would you get to the fort
  11. What type of car

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