Super Zombie Killing and Surviving Muscle Quiz

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Have you ever wondered how well you will REALLY do when zombies invade your living room and/or mothers basement? Well this quiz breaks down the many aspects of zombie survival into their rudimentary elements.

You'lll be amazed with the results. You'll be dumbfounded. You'll be bewildered. You might just go into a stress induced heart attack cuz this Quiz is off the charts, yo.

Created by: Danger Smith
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  1. From where do you hail?
  2. Your escape plan
  3. You happen to come by a crazy persons abandoned house. All of the following items are laying about. Which do you take?
  4. Oh no! One of your friends bit a zombie! what do you do?
  5. Oh no! one of your friends was bit by a zombie! what do you do?
  6. You drive by a bunch of old people playing bingo. Not far away, you see a horde of zombies. What actions do you take?
  7. On Mapquest, you searched "plases t0 hied frum Zombees!!!11!1" and were presented with these options, which do you take?
  8. How often do you exercise?
  9. If a bloody guy with half of his head came up to you, whining and moaning about lord knows what, what actions would you take?
  10. You have found a cure! But it takes time to stabalize it or whatever you do with cures. Outside, zombies pour into sight. Dozens upon dozens. heck, maybe even hundreds. Dude, there's a lot. How do you handle the situation?

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