For all zombie fans out there take this quiz!!!

This quiz is on zombies. If you are going to take this quiz please tell the truth or say what you would do in the situation if you wish to get the most accurate answer from this quiz. Thanks

Do you think it is fun killing zombies or just plain scary? If you are a zombie enthusiast take this quiz to see if you get the right answers and survive the nasty zombie outbreak

Created by: Pheonix

  1. Have you ever killed something before? (insects dont count, i mean like birds and rats or animals)
  2. How well can you aim with a gun? (if hitting a target)
  3. If a zombie came towards you at an awesome 1 mph what would you do?
  4. Which of these guns would you choose?
  5. If a zombie bit your little sister what would you do?
  6. Which vehicle would you drive in the event of a zombie outbreak?
  7. What is your plan to escape the city?
  8. Where do you live?
  9. How do you kill a zombie?
  10. If you only had enough time to take 1 of these items which would it be?
  11. How long would it take for the world to wither and die after the zombie outbreak begins?
  12. If a survivor asked you for help would you help them?

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