total take over zombie edition

Are you good enough to kill all the zombies in total zombie take over!This is one of the hardest zombie quiz of all time!So come on down and try it you might win or become zombie food.

can you survie this.If you can then good but if you cant then its doom for you find out in just 5 min or less!Come on dont be a wimp take this quiz if you like these kinds of quiz.

Created by: Alberto Bufalino

  1. You see lots of people on the street wrecking things.What do you do.
  2. the next day you see the news and it says that 500,000,000 people in the state you live in had died
  3. zombies are attacking your house what do you do?
  4. You go out into the city and you decide insted of walking i should have a veichle.
  5. you see some people but you dont know if there zombies they have guns and suplies to.
  6. your city is trashed and your car ran out of gas you are 15 miles from a gas staion and you are surrended by zombies!
  7. when your friend hugged him they actullay burned! later your friend gets shot by someone what do you do.
  8. what is your melee wheapon?
  9. you find a giant zombie you think its the leader what do you do
  10. it was the leader you killed it so you are the leader what do you do
  11. the war is over all the zombies are done.

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