Surviving a Zombie Outbreak

Sirens wail, the news programs shut off, and in the distance you can smell the stink of rotting flesh. It's the zombie apocolypse. As this is all going on you wonder am I ready to combat the living dead? Well now is the very wrong time to be wondering this.

This quiz should help you see whether or not you are prepared and if not, how you can be. Just pay attention, keep your wits about you and you may just survive this thing. Otherwise you can anticipate becoming a zombie box lunch.

Created by: BB

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  1. How prepared are you for a zombie outbreak?
  2. As far as weapons go, the best combination of weaponry would be?
  3. Describe the proper way to kill a zombie.
  4. Describe the proper way to dispose of an infected corpse.
  5. What sort of food supplies should you gather in case of an outbreak?
  6. Which of these melee weapons would be the optimal bludgeoning tool?
  7. Which of these edged weapons would be the best to kill zombies with?
  8. Which firearm would best fit this situation? 500 yards out with about 100 undead closing onto your position.
  9. Which firearm would best fit this situation? Alley way. 20 zombies approaching. About 50 feet between you and them.
  10. Which firearm would best fit this situation? Small room with limited maneuverability. 4 zombies approaching.
  11. Which firearm would best fit this situation? 25 zombies. You have plenty of room to maneuver but you must kill all of them.
  12. Which firearm would best fit this situation? You are forced to hike across territory that may be zombie infested. (You must travel light)
  13. It's night, you're in the city, and you must risk some light. You would use.
  14. Your friend is bitten. You do what?
  15. What sort of protection should be worn in case of a zombie attack?
  16. All of the following are good places to rebuild a civilization except which one?
  17. True or False: Zombies have no emotions feelings or memories. Only hunger.
  18. a zombie has entered your encampment but doesn't know you are there. How do you dispose of him?
  19. While fighting a horde of zombies one of them grabs you. At this close quarters which of the following weapons would be the least useful?
  20. True or False: explosives are highly effective against the dead.
  21. You live in a small town. It's been two months since the outbreak and you need a new safe house. which is the best choice?
  22. You are in desperate need of supplies and you see a supermarket. what do you do?
  23. What is our greatest weapon against zombies?

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