Zombie survival skills

Do you think you have the skills to survive a zombie outbreak? HUH? do ya? well, after you take this quiz youll find out if you have the skills to handle something as big as an outbreak!

this quiz is going to ask you 15 questions about what you would do in an outbreak, what your physical attributes are, and how well you can cope with killing someone.

Created by: Nikolas

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  1. what are your physical attributes?
  2. have you ever killed or harmed another living being? (animals or humans)
  3. do you own a fire arm and do you use it regularly?
  4. have you ever thought out a plan when a zombie outbreak occurs?
  5. if you have thought out a plan, where does it occur at?
  6. how do you plan on getting food?
  7. theoretical question: you have secured a small house, it has not yet been barricade though, ther seems to be 3 types of supplies you could use, metal sheets, planks of wood, and thick plastic, what would be best
  8. when you see a zombie, what do you do?
  9. what weapon would you use to kill a zombie?
  10. you've been bitten, what do you do?
  11. your swarmed by 50+ zombies, all you have is a combat knife, a 9mm pistol with 1 fully loaded 12 shot clip, a shotgun with 3 shells, and a cookie, what do you do?
  12. what would be the best choice of shotgun shell?
  13. if a friend of yours gets bitten, what would you do?

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