Zombie Invasion test

do you have the skill to survive a zombie apocalypse if you think you you can take this test and get your results in this test of survival so take it

do you think you have skill to survive a zombie apocalypse if you do take this test because it is a good way to kill time and if it does happen you know what to do

Created by: Mitch
  1. You watch some tv the signal is down the only thing you see is a group of zombies biting people what do you do
  2. You see a group of zombies coming towards you what do you do
  3. You get to the town what do you do
  4. You see a group of survivors what do you do
  5. if you saw a car shop what do you get
  6. this is the fifth last question
  7. you see blood on the ground you say
  8. how do you like to fight
  9. you get cornered by zombies what do you do
  10. if you could only take one person on your journey who would it be

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