could you survive a zombie invasion

There are few true zombie slayers maybe even five known, but this will tell your chances. How do we now? We are slayers ourselves so when you take our quiz tell others to try, for the world may depend on it.

Are you a slayer you ask. possibly take our test to find out for yourself. if you need to train for our test watch movies like dawn of the dead. you are our last hope stand for the world.

Created by: hunter and cody of
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  1. you are surrounded by zombies you have a magnum (revolver not condom) with 6 rounds what happens
  2. how long can you go with out food
  3. do you buruse easly
  4. can you make explosives
  5. where is the best place to hide
  6. canyou drive a vehicle
  7. are you at least 30 minutes from a gun
  8. your best friend is bitten by zombies what do you do
  9. how many people are you prepared that arn't zombies to kill
  10. what is the best car to drive in a zombie attack?
  11. how long after a friend is bitten do you take to kill him?
  12. how many zombies can you kill alone?
  13. you have five people with you 6 sticks of dinamite 2 packs of c4 3 grenades and an army of 100 is coming at you what do you do?
  14. whatis thebest explosive for killing zombies?
  15. what would you do if this happened?
  16. how many people are exposable in the fight to kill all zombies?
  17. are you expendable if it helps?
  18. where is the first place to go?

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