Zombie Apocalipse, survive or die?

I believe in the zombie Apocalipse. I like the idea of the infinite amount of situations to be put in. It is the time when rich, poor, white, black, wireless engineer, or custodian all have an equal chance of surviving with only needing a cridicaly thinking brain and working body to achieve one of only a few who survive the onslaught...

Take your time on each question, think it through. For it may help you someday. This test with increase you cridical thinking skills if you do. Are you able to survive the zombie appocalipse?

Created by: antiprep789
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  1. Answer honestly, are you fit to run for 2 miles straight, be as quiet as a falling feather, and able to react to certain situations quick?
  2. Do you know where to hit, shoot, and/or in any way combat this wave of undead?(truthfully)
  3. Where do you go in a zombie invasion? and do you know why or why not(not an actual question)
  4. Where do you head first(first glympse of zombies) if all of these places are equally close?
  5. Are you prepared to sacrifice your friends, family, and other relations for your self?
  6. If put in my house, you would take which way out of this house? Add in that its already well barracded up and going to hold
  7. If put in this situation, where you are in a apartment complex, and for in there only, i would take this firearm?
  8. If put in this situation, where you are in a street in the middle of a medium-large city(population ranging 10,000 to 75,000, what firearm would you choose?(only for this type of situation)
  9. In this situation, where your in a very rural place, a farmland or maybe even a desert, which firearm will be chosen?(As like the last 2, for this situation and this only)
  10. What you should not make alot of when your still unseen by "them"?
  11. What melee wepons works best to fend off one zombie
  12. Facing 2 or 3 zombies?
  13. Size of group who are with you
  14. If you met these people on your travels, which one would you take?
  15. You've got enough gasoline to go to these and only these places, which place do you go
  16. Stuck in a group of people are you
  17. When your holding a building from the zombies and they know your thier and coming in mass numbers, what are you doing?

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