My Zombie Quiz- Theory Based

I know what you're thinking, "Not another zombie quiz." I know this. I have taken time over the whole time I have been interested in zombies (the last maybe two years) to compile what would makes sense to me in a zombie apocalypse.

Other than the fact that I have put more thought into my zombie quiz than most to make it a better quiz, not much else has been changed. Many of the same topics have been covered as in other quizzes; I just did a better job.

Created by: Bduff
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  1. How well do you get along with others?
  2. Choose a preferred melee weapon.
  3. Choose a preferred firearm.
  4. Hypothetical Situation: Your grandmother (or someone else close to you) comes to you in the form of a zombie. What is your reaction?
  5. When should a gun be used?
  6. Your group meets another group in your travels. How do you make the encounter?
  7. Long-term plans?
  8. Suppose that you survive to where society begins again. What do you do to try to ensure that zombies don't destroy society again.
  9. Which fictional work is most likely to resemble a real apocalypse?
  10. Hypothetical Situation: At one point your group has to travel. What size should the mobile groups be?

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