zombie survival quizz

this is a quiz mostly based off the ''zombie survival guide'' it gives scenarios of situations that could possibly happen in a zombie outbreak. its my first quiz hope you enjoy

do you think you can survive a zombie outbreak? take this quiz to partialy find out! see if youll die or be a hardcore zombie killing machine of awesomeness!

Created by: mcmastermoby

  1. what shape are you in?
  2. what is your experience with firearms?
  3. Your watching tv when a report comes on about people attacking and biting others what do you do first?
  4. and then?
  5. how large is your group?
  6. You find your best friend has been bitten what do you do?
  7. you find a pawn shop what gun to you take?
  8. what melee weapon?
  9. you run into another group what do you do?
  10. you find a selection of vehicles which do you take?
  11. where are you going?
  12. can you make explosives?
  13. you've been bitten what do you do within the remaining hour?

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