Zombie Survival!!! Number 2

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If a zombie appocolipe happeded many would not be ready. This is a quiz on what you would do if you had survived the first few days. Zombies could be many types, and mabie you can fight them all.

People who play zombie videogames will do well on this quiz. If you don't, common sense will guide you through zombie survival #2! Also do zombie survival #1! Go to my website to post your score and do my other quizzes!

Created by: Tigress
  1. Zombies have infested your city. What is the best thing to do?
  2. What is the best car you can chose to get out of the city in?
  3. What gun is the best for taking out single zombies?
  4. what gun is the best for taking out a zombie hoard?
  5. Which place is the best to go to during a zombie attack?
  6. We got a bite!!!!!!!!!
  7. Zombies can kill you.
  8. Zombies have to be dead.
  9. Zombies have to be brainless.
  10. Plants can fend of zombies.
  11. The worst way to die in a zombie appocolipse is:

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