Some random zombie survival

Umm... I made a random zombie survival quiz based on the 'Zombie survival guide' book. Quite a good book. So, will you make it? Will you survive the zombie apocalypse?

Take right now this quiz and find out really freaking fast. I dunno how good this test is but whatever, I had fun doing it. Just take it. Do me proud.

Created by: Necroturtle
  1. The zombie apocalypse is on!
  2. Hell, just pick a weapon and get out!
  3. Until you get your weapon, you hear a deep moan behind you. The closest item is an old pike. What do you do?
  4. The zombie is dead. Again. Now you're out. You see zombies everywhere walking down the street, searching for human flesh. One notices you. Moans. Some others follow him. They all are after you.
  5. You see behind the zombie wave a car walking into them... Maybe they are some survivors.
  6. Later, you see on the ground the corpse of your childhood friend, biten by a zombie...
  7. You hide yourself into a museum temporary. There you find some medieval weapons and stuff. Do you take something?
  8. Are you easily scared?
  9. Now you have a bunker, some survivors with you, limited supplies and weapons. What is you plan to strike?
  10. Do you worship idols?
  11. Did you enjoyed this test?

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