zombie survival test

This is a test about what you would do if a zombie infected 1 person and the disease will have spread through the country by then. will you survive? or get eaten?

Ther are many people that have a master plan if there was a zombie invasion would survive. Now we all know zombies arent real but thers always that "what if" going through our heads.

Created by: zombie slayer
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  1. OK u turn on the news and you hear reports of corpses attacking people wich can only be best described as zombies. What do you do 1st?
  2. How fast can you get to a weapon and/or blunt object?
  3. Your girlfriend calls you and tells you shes stuck in her room with her parent zombies tryin to get her do you help?
  4. you get there but find that a zombie followed you wich will attract other zombies you....
  5. Ok your in the house now you turnn the corner and see both parents banging on the door and you have a knife, a gun with 1 bullet, and your bare hands wich do you choose?
  6. you've saved the girl now wut do you choose to do?
  7. you've borded up the house saved your girl, wuts your plan of action now?
  8. Wich gun is the best against zombies?
  9. what shape are you in?
  10. How strong are you
  11. wich is the safest?
  12. your tryin to get to a safer location wich kinda transportation is best?

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