zombie pandemic(human or zombie?)

imagine a horde of zombies,you and some friends,and the millitary,and school,and the city's airport,and cinema,and cars,and a zoo.This could make a story if you make scenes with those.

This quizz will see if your decisions were enough to get a survival or a death!Hope you PWN on it the zombies. you h8(hate) zombies and we know.But,Can you survive a full horde and troops of?

Created by: ihatezombies
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  1. You sit at home and you see at TV the zombie's attack.What will you could possibly do?
  2. you're at school.teacher hears news on radio and tells you that you have to be really careful about the danger!
  3. you're in cinema and you saw a movie about zombies.The cinema's workers tell you that they published the movie cause zombies are now!
  4. The millitary comes to you with a tank or a heli,whatever.Do you come with them?
  5. You're at zoo at the time of the crisis.Animals were infected,and they're gone mad and act unusual.A gorilla smashes a security worker's head.But it's got only 2 shots.What you do?
  6. What could be your getaway transport
  7. Your at airport during crisis.The planes which are landing does land rough,taxiing planes are gone mad,cause the infected men in the planes are making pilots not going right due to survival issues.
  8. you cook and you hear radio news.what you do?
  9. a zombie begins to speak asks for peace.what you do?
  10. You're at an empty city.Zombies were coming in the next minute,what you do?
  11. your familly is dead and is zombie,all of them are dead except you.You do what,man?
  12. you think you got an antidote.

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