Would you succeed as a zombie?

A lot of zombies die quickly. Most get hammered into the ground, shot in the head, blown up. They feed on human flesh and love spreading their virus...

Are you a zombie that can survive longer than five minutes? Will you have a quenched hunger and satisfied mouth? Will you grow the zombie army evermore- or will you die like the rest?

Created by: Sequoya
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  1. A human stands in front of you with a gun. It's barely recognizable, but obviously not too dangerous. You are about two feet away.
  2. You just succeeded at getting up a seven story building to chase a human- too bad they parachute off just in time to avoid you.
  3. You're hungry- it's the middle of the day, and you just got that parachute human. You are about to munch- when another zombie comes in and starts to fight over it...
  4. After finally getting a bit of food, you decide to rest a bit. A group of armed humans come into the hospital lobby. You are hidden.
  5. The group of humans reaches the roof. You are near a hovering helicopter, hidden. One jumps on. The other three are struggling. One is far behind.
  6. After that mishap, you arrive in a courtyard, tired and hungry, even after a bite at the roof. An injured human with a big looking gun is on the edge of the pond.
  7. It's extremely muddy, thanks to the rain. You're knee-deep in the stuff. A huge pain in your arm. You got shot by a 10mm pistol!
  8. You and a couple other zombies at the meeting decide to go after the humans that escaped on the helicopter. You arrive on a bridge. One zombie falls on the ground, dead.
  9. SOUND! ANNOYING SOUND! The group of humans you went after are playing a concert to alert a helicopter!
  10. The last stretch. The humans got into the helicopter, but you managed to get in the back. Do you wait it out- or kill them while you can?
  11. You're flying in mid air- you managed to get a parachute on. It deploys. You hear a ripping. The almost infected pilot shot your parachute and your leg.
  12. The ground hurts. Your vision is blurred- but you're alive. Somehow. Fire grows around you. You manage to stand. Good job, Zombie. You survived another day on the job.

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