will you survive the zombie apocalypse

We all know that a serious zombie outbreak is in our immanent future. The zombie problem is growing. Take this quiz to find out how you will fair when the inevitable happens.

Do you have what it takes to survive the zombie outbreak and save the human race? Will you make the wise decisions about weapons, body armor, strategy, and hideout? In just a few minutes, you will know.

Created by: josiah,mearl,nick
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  1. What would you do when you first heard about the zombie outbreak?
  2. You are fleeing a zombie infested city and run out of gas, what do you do next?
  3. You find a gun store, but only have room for one, which one do you take?
  4. What would be your meelee weapons of choice?
  5. How do you successfully kill a Zombie?
  6. About 70% percent of the people on earth are zombies what would your fort be
  7. what would your body armor be in a zombie out-break?
  8. there are zombies everywhere you need a good group with 5 people who do you take?
  9. your cornered by 500 zombie with 1 bullet and a sword what do you do
  10. your mom is a zombie what do you do
  11. BONUS whats the zombie virus called

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Quiz topic: Will I survive the zombie apocalypse