How Much Do You Know About Warrior Cats?

This is a quiz for warrior fans! How much do you really know about warriors? Take this quiz and find out! Please show this to anyone you know that will want to take it and good luck! I made this quiz because I thought it would be fun for warrior fans to take one and see how much they really know!

It has 10 questions with one correct answer each! I spent a lot of time making it and I hope you enjoy it because I sure did when I tried it out! I bid you good luck and may starclan be with you!

Created by: honeysong

  1. Who where BrokenStars parents?
  2. Who did fireheart bring to thunderclan?
  3. What does Tigerstar say when silverstream died?
  4. What killed Brokenstar?
  5. How did Bluestar die?
  6. How many books are in the first series?
  7. Where does bloodclan come from?
  8. Why is jaypaw a medicine cat when he didn't want to be?
  9. Why does tigerstar say stonefur is a traitor.
  10. What does the tribe of endless hunting tell stoneteller?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know About Warrior Cats?