Can you remember these warrior facts?

This quiz is about the bestselling series Warrior Cats. The series is about well..fighting cats. They also live in Clans. The main four of the Clans are well read the books if you want to know.

Do you remember everything from the books? Can you master this quiz? If you don't take it, you'll never find out! If you don't then it will haunt you forever! You will wonder what would have happened if you took it.

Created by: spymage

  1. What was Firestar's first name from the very first moment you read about him?
  2. What was Brighthearts first warrior name until after Bluestar died?
  3. What was Scourge's name when he was still a kittypet?(this is from the manga)
  4. Who were Bluestar's kits?
  5. What Clan did they(Stonefur and Mistyfoot) live in?
  6. Who were the four original cats to journey to the sun-drown place?
  7. who were the two extra cats that went with the chosen four?
  8. What is the third warrior series called?
  9. What is the clan Heatherpaw and Lionpaw made up when they found the tunnels underground?
  10. Who was the clan born cat that escaped in fear of his mentor killing him?(from first book)

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Quiz topic: Can I remember these warrior facts?