We all have certain things we remember from high school. Who dated who. What teacher was the easiest. Who was a cheerleader. But do you remember facts about the school itself?

This quiz asks questions testing your school spirit. Questions about sports, geography, and people. Don't have too much anxiety, this test is just for fun!!

Created by: heidi of mel high reunion
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  1. Our school colors were green, black, white, and
  2. Our school mascot was a
  3. Did our JV football team win our Homecoming game in 1995?
  4. Did our Varisty football team win our Homecoming game in 1996?
  5. Who was our biggest rivalry?
  6. We used a ------ field to park in most of our junior and senior year.
  7. The two most popular places to eat were...
  8. Our dance and drill's team name was..
  9. Our police officer at school was named...
  10. After all of the remodeling, what is one original building still there?

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