Is an English Bulldog right for you?

the quiz is simple. all it is, is to find out if an english bulldog is right for you. so if you want to know then take the quiz. if you don't then i guess ill have to say bye bye, i could care less. im just trying to help you make the right choice, if you should adopt a english bulldog or not

okay. just take the quiz if you want to find out if an english bulldog is right for you. so take the quiz. once you take it, and if you make it then good luck to you, if you don't i'm very sorry and there is a breed for everyone, and this one might not be for you. but if it is great.

Created by: joanna
  1. what exercise requiremeny would you like your dog to have?
  2. would you like your dog to give you lots of affection?
  3. do you have kids?
  4. what size dog are you looking for?
  5. do you have a lot of space?
  6. is anyone in your household sorrow?
  7. are you going to keep you dog outside all day?
  8. do anyone in your household like cuddle time?
  9. do you want dog hair all over?
  10. do you think English Bulldogs are cute?

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