Warriors: Into the Wild

I created this quiz so that fans or bookworms or just random people can have a go at this quiz and find out if they will get 100% or a measly 1%. But I can't tell you what your going to get, you have to complete the quiz yourself! Have fun!

Here, with this quiz, you can find out if your a Kittypet, Apprentice, Warrior, or even a Clan Leader! Have a go at this quiz to find out where you rank!

Created by: bookloverco

  1. What apprentice name does Bluestar give Rusty?
  2. What is the name of the deputy who died at the very beginning of the book?
  3. Which clan goes missing at the beginning of the book?
  4. What is the name of the leader of Windclan?
  5. What is Firepaws warrior name?
  6. What word is placed at the end of each leaders name when they become leader?
  7. Where do the clans meet every full moon?
  8. What is Highstones - to the cats?
  9. What is a Thunder path?
  10. What is a Twoleg/Upwalker/Nofur?

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